David Klinghoffer: The Dark Side of Darwinism


Complete bullshit.

More and more the huffington post is becoming a paper full of nonsense from new age bullshit, wackos who profess vaccines cause autism, and plenty of religious nonsense. This may be the most eggregious offense yet. Everything from the title tells you that it is going to be biased as 99% of the people who say Darwinism are creationists… barring a few really old british people.

Banned books by the nazis include any liberal, jewish, and evolution based book along with any book that impugns Christianity or belittles any aspect of its institutions.

“Writings of a philosophical and social nature whose content deals with
the false scientific enlightenment of primitive Darwinism”

Remember that a key thought in Hitler’s Mein Kampf is that it is bad for two races to interbreed which is directly countered by the Hybrid Vigor theory in Biology.

Evolutionists were evil along with atheists, gays, liberals, intellectuals, witty smart alecks, gypsies, people with low iq or deformities, and jews. Millions of these dangerous types were murdered along with their books which were burned. If you’d like you can check for yourself below:



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