Wealth redistribution behind Obama tax hikes–Adam Brodsky – NYPOST.com


Do the idiots who write this sort of drivel not remember that Eisenhower (he’s a republican which I feel I have to add given the tremendous ignorance prevalent today) had 90% taxes on the very rich so that they would pay their fair share. It is now at 35%. Under Nixon it was 70%!

Seems like life wasn’t so bad from the 1950’s to 1981 but if you listen to these morons then raising taxes on those who make 373,000 dollars a year is going to be the end. Fuck the rich. They’ve spent the last 30 years looting this country and cutting back on infrastructure and science while enjoying huge bonuses from corporate welfare.

We are now more income inequal than Russia is. Mexico will be beating us in the next couple of years. Does anyone remember how important a middle class is for democracy and an healthy economy?


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