Real Americans, Please Stand Up –

I’m a liberal and I find it just as offensive when the “Real American” tag is used by Palin or by Cavett. Regardless of who says the line it pisses me off and is divisive as hell. Liberal or conservative we’re all americans if we’re citizens of this country.

Legally the muslims have the right to build their mosque that is without question. The question is whether it is an act sensitive to the emotions of americans who have lost someone because of islamic terrorism.

Anyone who says Islam is a religion of peace is either lying or ignorant. Salman Rushdie still has a death warrant for many decades for the crime of writing a book and there has been no movement I’ve seen in these many years to drop the fatwa on him. Moderate muslims look the other way from their fundie crazies just like moderate catholics ignore the death sentences placed on millions of Africans by their Pope when he told them that condoms cause AIDS and that witchcraft was a great threat leading devout catholics to kick out their own children from their homes for the crime of witchcraft.

It’s a simple thing to show a little sensitivity. We’re not showing that when we build Christian creationist museums in Baghdad and they’re not showing it by building mosques near ground zero.

Americans don’t have to agree on whether they support the actions of these muslims in order to be “Real Americans” as a difference of opinion and the right to share that opinion is part of what america stands for.

It does upset me that so many are basing their arguments on racism just like it upsets me that many are basing their arguments on misguided views of Islam and political correctness.

As I said before it is perfectly legal for the muslims to build a mosque and the constitution guarantees that right but it is also perfectly reasonable and protected to protest their building the mosque.

I’d like to set up a gay bar and a ribs joint across the street.

Islam along with christianity are both trying to murder gay people and do so at a fairly regular basis often quite legally or are trying to pass laws to enable that action (american tax money has been spent by our crazy fundies to pass laws to do so in africa) so we should show that in america we have freedom to deviate from the archaic barbarism dictated by desert dwelling schizophrenics who founded the terrible religions that have cost humanity so much. Rome degenerated when Christianity destroyed religious pluralism and Western Civilization has much to fear from Islam doing the same now.

You have the right to believe all sorts of nonsense but we should worry about the dangers Islam presents just like we should worry about the Republican Teabaggers who would like to make an Handmaiden’s tale a reality and bring about an evangelical theocracy in america.


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