Is Android Surging Only Because Apple Is Letting It?

Are you kidding me?

One big reason for android’s success is simply the variety of handsets. I can’t type on touchscreens very well and need physical keys and there are several excellent models out for android and none for the iphone.

Besides the fact that my android phone gets better battery life and has a slew of excellent free apps that would have cost about a hundred bucks if I’d gone with an iphone.

Better processor and far better and clearer calls. The iphone has never been that good as a phone and excelled with its ease of use and apps.

The modding community is huge with Android and the customization is remarkable. Not so with the iphone. Apple has applied for patents that could disable jailbroken phones because they simply don’t want you to “own” your phone. While Android is great with various roots and options….plus you get flash so you can actually visit and use most of the internet versus the iphone which Apple refuses to go.

I respect the iphone for what it is but it loses on hardware specs and even things like speakerphone as you can’t even hear an iphone when my phone is playing music.

Oh, and don’t forget that I can tether my phone for free versus 20 bucks a month for the iphone and my cost is half the monthly bill which adds up to over a thousand dollars over the life of the contract.

Plus, this is really cool and something that Apple would never allow…good thing you don’t have to have a daddy figure protecting you from porn and scientific progress:)


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