PUTTING POLISH ON A TURD, the herofication of Christopher Columbus – Democratic Underground


Babbling bullshit. Columbus left a lot to be desired as a person but this is insane.

Where does this anti-European mindset come from? Only europeans conquer and enslave whole peoples? huh? No one remembers the barbarism of the Aztecs and tens of thousands of people sacrificed by Huitzilipochtli or the Mayans who murdered children each time a new building was made as they become part of the building? Or the plains tribes who would enslave or scalp people?

Mindless self hate whining.

Just say that Columbus was a flawed man of a flawed culture who “discovered” (the Portuguese had been fishing just off the coast and Vikings of course) the Americas. The natives weren’t saints. They for the most part were cruel and practiced ritual murder and never had the insight to question their insane religions and vile rulers and corrupt bureaucracies unlike brilliant people in ancient China, India, and Greece.

The world is lucky that the Aztecs didn’t have the tech advantage and discover the “Old World”. Imagine a culture that thinks that murdering as many people as the priests can get to for as long as they can is a holy act designed to perpetuate the world. Disturbing to think about…it would’ve kept the population growth negative though. About the only shining lights were the Quinalt and the Iroquois.


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