Top Home-School Texts Dismiss Darwin, Evolution |

Article is mediocre but this comment is gold:

From the page: Junk food faith for a fat head nation

The US, a nation overwhelmingly god-fearing, also overwhelmingly rejects science. Millions lack an intelligence sufficiently educated and critical to reject the unctuous Fundie Fare they stuff into their brains.

True believers across the US demand that scientific knowledge should be dictated by some theo-political ideology rooted in 16th century Protestantism, or 13th century Catholicism, or 12th century Islam.

For these 21st century iPad consumers and Twitter users, technology is Cargo Cult â,” magic devices created by the ancestors and delivered to an Apple Store by ghosts.

As consolation, the US is the grossest outlier among developed nations in its affinity for religious enthusiasms and in its failure to accept now elementary basic truths like evolution via natural selection. (Science talent will desert the US just as it did when the best minds came to America fleeing Nazi oppression.)

Consumption of junk food faith leads directly to intellectual blockage, gastric self-righteousness, and boundless ego inflation.

Surely fundie prayers have been answered: Super size me Jesus!


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