Children of Israel

The cold of the morning was countered by the new heat from the fire my daughter had prepared as she has done everyday this Shevat. My movement alerted Rachiman that I was awake and she quickly brought over a chalice filled with steaming water steeped with herbs that heightened awareness.
The two of us sipped the elixir and began tefilah and soon performed the Devakut to Astaroth. The warmth of chai filled us with the Shekhinah that binds the forty universes together with her holy spirit.
Still smiling we turn to the west where the sound of horse beats echoed down our valley to reach our ears.
“Mother that must be another noble!”
“Yes, Rachiman.”
“ Will he anusim us to the new way of Yahweh the Alone?” whispered Rachiman in a trembling voice as she shivered in horror remembering the new patriarchal and monotheistic policies pushed by the last two kings; these policies strengthened the kohein to the point that they forced us out of our temple in Jerusalem and with that the wealth, prestige, and power that my family had maintained since the founding of Jerusalem generations ago.
The rider approached boldly crossing the pond and onto the sculpted path through my gardens leading up to our modest hut.
“Hail Binah, lady of wisdom and insight I have need of your gifts,” smiled the young man garbed in fabric finer than Binah or Rachiman had ever seen before. This raiment seemed to reflect the inner light within the youth and make his might visible to mundane eyes.
“What can a heretic of the Old Ways offer one as blessed as you appear?”
“I Solomon prince of the realm seek the lore of the feminine mysteries lost to the new priests in their zeal to create the new ways.”
“Young man, I am no baal shem eagerly seeking an apprentice of wealthy background to grant me political prestige,” said Binah sardonically.
“I know lady of light, I would share with you what I have experienced in exchange and maybe the new ways and the Old Ways may become One and we can protect Malkuth from the dangers of the Sitra Achra and Samael’s poisonous djinn.”
“Come friend and join me for a cup of tea and we can discuss this in a more comfortable environment,” I smiled hoping this day would bring peace as I noticed my daughter flush as Solomon brushed his lips upon her forehead in a gesture of friendship. Hmm…

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