Pot called the Kettle black

“But, teacher I’ve been studying all day!” I said while placing the expertly pouted face towards the Brahmin.
“The length of time spent studying is not as important as completing your studies young Raja,” replied the white bearded philosopher.
“The charvaka are stupid teacher so why should I waste my time reading about their insane thoughts!” I stubbornly said.
“That is precisely why you should know about them my student.”
“That doesn’t make any sense. I should just study the wise philosophers…like you teacher,” I smiled slyly.
“Ah but students learn from mistakes and I’d prefer if you learned from the mistakes of others rather than your own mistakes given that your father is getting sicker each day and the time of your ascendance grows ever closer.”
“But what is there to learn from this dog turd philosophy then teacher?”
“The greatest lesson of all, even those steeped in wisdom become lost in their wisdom and pass on their flawed beliefs to their students who accept blindly what they are told and don’t learn to think for themselves.”
“So what the charvaka are dumb, I’ve got that.”
“Ah but they started on the right track and had many wise insights, but they took simple situations and than applied those simple concepts to complex situations were they did not apply. They followed the rule of reason rather than rule of belief…at least outwardly.”
“I see, they thought they were reasoning people because they were using the reason of others!” I suddenly saw teacher’s meaning and my eyes lit up.
“Yes, regurgitating what the teacher wants is never a way to become a true philosopher my Raja,” smiled my teacher with his glowing insightful eyes.

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