Excellent article covering many of the problems of the environmental pseudoscience movement and how misguided idealism kills millions.


Suppose you are an idealist who wants to help poor people in Africa. You are also an environmentalist. You are working in Africa as part of a NGO (non-Governmental organization – such as The Sierra Club). A conflict arises between your ideal of helping the environment and your ideal of helping African villagers. Which ideal do you choose?

Here are two examples from the book Eco-Imperialism by Paul Driessen. Before I give these rather dramatic examples, I should explain that Europe bans genetically modified food – but America allows it and Americans eat it. Europeans fear unforseen consequences, such as the possibility that genes from genetically modified (GM) crops could escape and alter other plants. Here are Paul Driessen’s examples:

Green activists and European bureaucrats may not be conspiring to starve millions of sub-Saharan Africans, but they may as well be, Andrew Natsios charged in August 2002. The director of…

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