Fascinating People

Bored people are boring. The people who captivate my attention are those with many interests that are followed with passion and zest. I find that most of my friend’s are outliers in many ways not fitting in and driven by their own intrinsic needs rather than dominated by external factors. Most people are moved by the historical forces around them but the fascinating people make and move the historical forces.

Theodora Goss

I wanted to title this post “How to Be Fascinating,” but there isn’t enough space on the sidebar for a title that long.

I’ve been very lucky, as a writer and scholar, to be able to meet so many fascinating people. (And it really has been a function of being a writer and scholar: when I was a lawyer, I met people who made for interesting stories, but who were not fascinating in and of themselves. Like the Swedish media mogul Jan Stenbeck, who turns up in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. He makes for a good story — he once threw a pen at me. But he was not an interesting person to talk to.) I’ve been thinking about what makes them so fascinating.

By fascinating, I mean that these are the people you want to meet, and then talk to for hours, because they…

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