Do Not Go Quietly Anthology

Sirens, rebels, androids, fighters, and very careful “not” chosen ones decide to not lay down under oppression but to fight back against the wrong in defense of the wronged. Poetry and short stories full of passion and rage against the deus ex machina.

This is a key line that resonated with me and with the anthology as a whole: “Forgiveness is meaningless in the face of oppression.”

There is a lot of power in forgiveness but it all dies on the vine if offered while being oppressed. It is something that can be granted after the fact. You have to be free to forgive honestly.

My dad passed away shortly before I saw this book pop up on social media bringing to mind Dylan Thomas so I bought it on a whim. I am not disappointed and I appreciate the editors and writers sharing a bit of their will and persistence in the face of travails with their words and ideas. Few things help me more right now than a kind hug from my little one and some great fiction to consume gratefully if not gently. Thank you.

You can buy the book here: on amazon.

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