Thoughts on Skyrim

After playing Skyrim for awhile there are a couple of things that I’d like to see happen that probably won’t be done by Bethesda but might be done by a modder. Speaking of that why doesn’t Bethesda take say the best ten mods every six months and clean them up and add them as a dlc for five bucks? Pay the modders a dime per download and they will be happy for a little cash and the recognition. Each pack could have a theme like “Better looking people” and use CBBE, XCE, Lucious Faces, armor and weapon packs, and et cetera or “More Adventures” and throw in the best quests and locations like 13oranges stuff or Vilja. Just an idea that seems to make money for Bethesda and open up to the consoles some of the benefits of the modding world plus reward and provide a goal for the modding community.

Game mechanic-wise: I hate the idea of a pinnacle of skill that can’t be improved. Reality isn’t like that and people with enough drive just keep getting better. I propose opening up skills past an hundred but maybe requiring a quest to initiate. By going beyond what is known the player forges new ground in that skill but in order to do so the player must abandon the crutches of magical enhancement which interfere with further progress in the field which is part of the reason for the “artificial cap” in which everyone with that degree of skill has been magically endowed for most of the time they’ve been expert or better. So, this increases the difficulty for the player providing a challenge and keeps the monty haul or “You’re a platform for your enchanted items” bit from taking over more. Add more perks as you go past an hundred with awe inspiring spells like casting volcano on a mountain or sinkhole on a village or summoning huge armies of the undead like Potema was supposed to have done. It would be interesting to throw in suppositions like the Daedra and the Gods allowed easy access to magical enhancement to prevent mortals from achieving more and playing on their level.

Thirdly, I’d like to see the factions and such rethought out. I’m sorry I’m the dragonborn not a pissant that you can insult or have kill the rats. Why can’t I just go into the thieves guild and say I’m taking over or shutting you down? Or challenge the best two fighters of the Companions to a duel for my place in their circle? Or build up an insurrection and take over an hold and become jarl. Or just walk up to Ulfric and kill him with my thu’um like he did to the High King and say I’m taking over the Stormcloaks and we’re going to invade the Empire! Or marry a Jarl or start an Skyrim-wide business like the East empire Company or whatever it is called? Why save them as a quest when I can take advantage of their weakness and form my own corporation? Or the many “tower” places that have old and crumbling castles/keeps/towers which would be awesome if you could buy them or simply seize them and rebuild them. Why can’t I be a robber baron and set myself up as the bandit lord? Seize a couple of keeps and a village and I can threaten a jarl. Or start a mercenary company? There are just so many possibilities and it seems a shame that Bethesda is unlikely to pursue anything so grandiose and the modding community has little reason to attempt such a difficult task given the limitations of the creation kit.

Well, those are my musings on skyrim. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think.

What are your favorite mods and why?

My favorites are XCE, lucious faces, the unofficial patches, better females by bella, better males, static mesh improvement, left hand rings, cloaks of skyrim, unread books glow, follower trap safety, the places and quests by 13oranges, lydia trade removal and guard dialogue overall. Some I have through the steam workshop which is nice since Subscribe automatically downloads updates each time you start the game and the rest through the nexus which using the NMM you can check for updates manually.

Make sure that you’re using BOSS to order your mods correctly. Extremely important for Skyrim and Oblivion’s stability. If you’re really serious you can use TESedit and clean the mods of mistakes if you want.