A Novice’s Guide to Supplements: Psoriasis

If you have psoriasis this Health Protocol at Life Extension is a useful guide. Life Extension is a decent supplement maker (sadly the industry is so bad this makes them one of the best) and they are a bit woo woo and on the anti-GMO bandwagon so take my recommendation with a grain of salt but I think they really try to do good work within the framework of their point of view.
I myself found out I had psoriasis because I ran my 23andme raw data through interpretome and codegen.eu and they showed a very high potential risk for psoriasis among other issues. Promethease is an excellent resource as well and while the above options are at no cost Promethease does have a small fee last I checked.
Thus armed with this knowledge on my next appointment I was able to bring up the topic with my doctor during a checkup for a foot ulcer and get diagnosed. I get blood blisters on my feet and little tiny blisters on my palm from psoriasis plus the foot ulcers from diabetes. Yay! The fun thing about diabetic neuropathy is the surprise zipping pain you sometimes get when walking or standing up from a sitting position or just the constant low hum like a bad wisdom tooth.
A good lotion helps a lot for cracking skin and healing. Aveeno or Gold Bond or even a real aloe plant can help you handle skin reddening and scaling. You can add a little bit of niacinamide from a capsule and vitamin d to the lotion to help cheaply make your own personalized psoriasis lotion. Sulfur will help with some issues and acne if you don’t mind a slight smell if you do it at night and a small amount goes a long way and is roughly equivalent to salicylic acid in effectiveness and cheaper.
I now take a generic version of Lovaza by Teva or fish oil which contains epa and dha omega 3 fatty acid esters. Each capsule has 465 mg of EPA and 375 mg of DHA per 1 gram and at least a total of 900 mg of omega 3. Compared to most fish oil you get at a supermarket or walgreens type store you would probably need to take at least 3 capsules per 1 Lovaza which helps alleviate the high price. If your doctor prescribes and an insurance won’t cover it you can use goodrx to get a coupon at your pharmacy which for me made it under $90 for 120 capsules. This sounds really expensive but if you look at low end fish oil likely being rancid or not even having the ingredients on the label you’re looking at the better products only having about 250 mg of epa/dha per gram unless you buy from Life Extension or HPN or Costco.
Pycnogenol (which is great for NO and stopped my leg swelling) is available at Costco. If you have blood flow issues or any edema this is great plus it helps your skin against this disease.
If I am hungry and don’t want to make a meal I have a whey powder added to milk. I purchase chocolate Platinum Whey from Optimum Nutrition through Amazon’s subscribe and save every few months. I pay the extra price for the high-end whey for two reasons: One it is easier and faster for your body to digest because it is hydrolyzed and two it has no lead, cadmium or mercury.
Lastly for my psoriasis and because I had very low levels of vitamin d I take a microemulsified form I buy from Amazon that I place a drop on my tongue to bypass low bioavailability because I don’t have a gallbladder which lessens your ability to process fat soluble vitamins from food and pills.
Hopefully, you like Life Extension’s health protocol and maybe found some benefit from my own ramblings. Take care!