My 20th Century Poetry

The Kingdom of the blind

I’m not to blind to see…

The secret wars

The white lies

That money talks

And freedom dies

Just don’t talk about it

Black souls wearing silk ties

Sell your soul for the merchandise

Debts acrue, you work all your life

For the vast sums to purchase paradise

In the kingdom of the blind

I see the secret wars

White lies

Money talks

Freedom dies

Just don’t talk about it

Confusion at the pharmacy

Prescribe the cure for insanity

Sex, scandals and illegal drugs

Media frenzy in a sick society

In the kingdom of the blind

Take a pill and it will be all right!

I see the secret wars

The corporate lies

That power rules

And the hero dies

In the kingdom of the blind

It’s all just props and scenery

Suicide dreams and mediocrity

I’m lost and I’m lonely

For the one-eyed man is ostracized

In the kingdom

In the kingdom of the blind

Just don’t talk about it…


A bardic tale

I passed the test of riddles and skills

As I walked through the valleys and hills

Upon my path I finally met him

The lord of trees called glasduine

He told me the tales of ancient times

Of gods and kings their glories and crimes

He taught me the words to the mages games

That illuminate all things true names

Finally he left and bid me farewell

With new lore and a story to tell

Now I know the secrets of the art

That open the way to play my part


High of the low, and high of the high

Nothing truly dies

High of the high, and high of the low

Our destiny is to grow

Let me tell you a story or three

Of sorcery, war, or maid to free

Let me charm you so your soul can fly

Upon wondrous dreams that fool the eye

Now drink honeymead and savor life

While you kiss and love your lass or wife

Listen to the heart, that is the trick

For that is truly great magic



Penetrate the barriers

of the mind and soul

Awaken to the truths

that society seeks to blind

The door within

Gateway to a new vision

With intent, see through,

Feel, another’s essence

Become the beast

Welcome the saint

Extremes wrapped in fragile spirit

Preserve the primitive

Sing into the sea of illusion



The lines of fate

Intertwined through all

Connecting us to mystery

Plain as day

A hidden order

To those who listen

Hear the melody

The silence

Echoing within


The Tree

Riddles abound

Teaching of the union of all

Can you answer the riddle you are?

Be wary, for names

Are not always like stone

Some are as consuming as flames

Others more mutable than stormy winds

While a few wax and wane with the tide

Spread your roots

Deep into the earth

Rise up and touch the sky

Branch through time

To touch the fragile elegance

Of a fractal nature

Embrace the symmetry

That moves through the innermost

Everywhere and everywhen

All of the worlds

Are a dreaming

Simple and beautiful


The Last

Desperate, my soul roams dangerous territory

Disparate, I seek truth, wonder, and mysteries

A teacher, a creator of new songs

My mind illuminates hidden secrets

Cleansing the land and the people

A warrior, a shield of the tribe

Now injuries scar my light

Alone, for my pack is no more

No chorus left to brighten my days

Leaving me without the strength

For the tribulations before me

A decade of searching bringing forth

Only avarice, incompetence, and willful evil

None are willing to sacrifice

Everything is breaking down

The nightmares crowd around

Spinning, surrounding me

As if I’m in a twisted Kaleidoscope

They cry out their demands

Wanting more! More!

Screaming their curses upon me

As their dead, gray hands reach out

And darkness creeps in


Our love

My love,

Let’s fly into the night

Let’s participate in the wonder

Our eyes open to the second sight

And the mundane is ripped asunder

Because you…

Fill my sails, you light my way.

Lift my craft, you bear me up.

You are my love

Joy fills my heart

As we listen to the drumbeat

The rhythm of the worlds

My mind wakes up, My eyes look up.

My body sows, My spirit soars.

My heart grows, My soul roars.

For you are my love

Let’s revel in the might

Passion in the soul’s kiss

Reality flows through the light

Into an unmatched erotic bliss

For you are my love

Let’s visit lands of dreams

Scattered like precious jewels

Upon a velvet umbral tapestry

Choose now, Feel the power

Embrace the love

Enter the heart of our darkness

Enter the dream

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