Smoking Mirror

Grasping the still beating heart of the enemy in my hand I yelled the words of placation to the great smoky mirror Lord Huitzilipoctli.
“Grant us dominance and grant us safety and postpone the coming of the Sixth World, oh lord of Sacrifices and master of evil!” I yelled in the magical cadence of the priests of the Dark God.”
The earth rumbled and I smiled for with the sacrifices of these thousand enemies to the Aztec ways I had postponed the Gotterdamerung and saved the world for another year or two at least from the waves of tzitzi demons held back by Huitzilipoctli until the time he tired of the world’s pleasures.
Wiping the blood from my arms I walked down the pyramid to the holy baths and performed ablutions to the Gods satisfied with a good days work. Beautiful women served my beck and call and relaxed me and I fell asleep in the perfumed baths.
“Holy One, Holy One!” yelled an annoying insect penetrating the fog of slumber.
“What peasant! It had better be good to waken me or I’ll take my obsidian blade and cut your genitalia off!” I snarled at the poorly dressed messenger.
“White men have landed on the shores of the east just like the prophecy of Quitzalcoatl.”
“What? Send a message to the General to mgjsafrs…”
“What Holy One?”
I slumped to my death and failed to save my people from the Spanish and I haunt my temple to this day…