Music and the Brain

Music and the Brain

“Studies show that learning and memory linked to specific beats in a rhythm stimulated increased learning ability.”

Most anyone who has worked out or needed to focus on something has probably noticed the increase in competency and completion when listening to the right music. The ancients knew this by having drummers on ships provide the pace and rhythm of the rowers. I find that music can help put me in a “no-mind” state in which I am not necessarily conscious of each step of a process but it all just flows and often at an higher degree of quality be it a research paper or deep cleaning the kitchen.

Brain Aging May Depend on Childhood Intelligence

The research found that more than two-thirds of the association between cognitive ability in the elderly and cortical thickness was accounted for by differences in IQ decades earlier in childhood.

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Older people who stay sharp tend to have a thicker cortex, which is the outermost region of the brain that includes the areas responsible for judgment and complex thought. But while preserving the cortex is important for successful aging, a new study suggests that childhood intelligence — not anything specific done in old age — largely accounts for why some elderly people have more cortical tissue and better cognition.

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