Grave robbing

“I have the cadaver sir!” I said quickly to the wise old man.
“Good work kid is this one fresh?” smiled the graying former lady’s man or as rumor says maybe more than that.
“Yes he fell on his head repairing the church’s roof.” I stated happily.
“Hmm were you able to save the head?”
“Yes sir! And he is in great shape!”
“So I assume you want to watch this time young Martin,” wryly said the great artist.
“Can I?”
“This time no help me get him onto the operating table.”
We struggled until we got the dead roofer onto the table and I watched him dissect the body and look at each muscle with fascination. I can’t wait till I’m older and I get a chance to do the same thing. Human bodies are so interesting!

Smoking Mirror

Grasping the still beating heart of the enemy in my hand I yelled the words of placation to the great smoky mirror Lord Huitzilipoctli.
“Grant us dominance and grant us safety and postpone the coming of the Sixth World, oh lord of Sacrifices and master of evil!” I yelled in the magical cadence of the priests of the Dark God.”
The earth rumbled and I smiled for with the sacrifices of these thousand enemies to the Aztec ways I had postponed the Gotterdamerung and saved the world for another year or two at least from the waves of tzitzi demons held back by Huitzilipoctli until the time he tired of the world’s pleasures.
Wiping the blood from my arms I walked down the pyramid to the holy baths and performed ablutions to the Gods satisfied with a good days work. Beautiful women served my beck and call and relaxed me and I fell asleep in the perfumed baths.
“Holy One, Holy One!” yelled an annoying insect penetrating the fog of slumber.
“What peasant! It had better be good to waken me or I’ll take my obsidian blade and cut your genitalia off!” I snarled at the poorly dressed messenger.
“White men have landed on the shores of the east just like the prophecy of Quitzalcoatl.”
“What? Send a message to the General to mgjsafrs…”
“What Holy One?”
I slumped to my death and failed to save my people from the Spanish and I haunt my temple to this day…


I, baronet Valois de chevregn write these words to pass down my experiences to my family and any other who would follow in my footsteps.
This holy land is not the barbaric land we are told of in France. In fact I would say that we are the barbarians here. They bathe regularly and read the works of the Greeks and discuss philosophy like the Romans once did. I have come to enjoy bathing even though many priests condemn it as the work of the devil. They say that a good Christian should never spend his life clean for this would give the sinner the wrong idea that this physical world was good and that we should wallow in mud as we wallow in sin.
They are wrong. This world is wonderful and we should not go around killing everyone that disagrees with us! I have met a wonderful Muslim here by the name of Alhazen and he has shown me wonders with his enhanced eyes. To see like the hawk or to see the rainbow reflected from one of his glasses inspires me with wonder about the natural world. Reading the works of the neo-platonists I’m finding that the cosmos is a beautiful thing that naturally seeks harmony and it is the false beliefs imposed by the church against what the Anointed One actually said. Note that he said love thy neighbor not massacre him.
Soon the hospitallers will be coming to execute me and several Templars for our attempt to improve sanitation and build a hospice for sick pilgrims and injured crusaders. They say our work is that of the devil and that God wills when someone recovers not some chirurgeon. I came to the Holy Land to make a better world but they didn’t come here for the same reason.

Pot called the Kettle black

“But, teacher I’ve been studying all day!” I said while placing the expertly pouted face towards the Brahmin.
“The length of time spent studying is not as important as completing your studies young Raja,” replied the white bearded philosopher.
“The charvaka are stupid teacher so why should I waste my time reading about their insane thoughts!” I stubbornly said.
“That is precisely why you should know about them my student.”
“That doesn’t make any sense. I should just study the wise philosophers…like you teacher,” I smiled slyly.
“Ah but students learn from mistakes and I’d prefer if you learned from the mistakes of others rather than your own mistakes given that your father is getting sicker each day and the time of your ascendance grows ever closer.”
“But what is there to learn from this dog turd philosophy then teacher?”
“The greatest lesson of all, even those steeped in wisdom become lost in their wisdom and pass on their flawed beliefs to their students who accept blindly what they are told and don’t learn to think for themselves.”
“So what the charvaka are dumb, I’ve got that.”
“Ah but they started on the right track and had many wise insights, but they took simple situations and than applied those simple concepts to complex situations were they did not apply. They followed the rule of reason rather than rule of belief…at least outwardly.”
“I see, they thought they were reasoning people because they were using the reason of others!” I suddenly saw teacher’s meaning and my eyes lit up.
“Yes, regurgitating what the teacher wants is never a way to become a true philosopher my Raja,” smiled my teacher with his glowing insightful eyes.


I looked down upon the fleeing Romans from atop my horse and smiled. Soon the remaining Roman strength would be distracted by the civilian refugees and my horse would sweep the disorganized and ineffectual infantry. A fine end to weeks of fighting and a fine land to win compared to frozen Scandia.
“Fools to have not maintained their cavalry aren’t they?” I stated to my son Ulf behind me.
“Yes, sire!” responded my young mirror with enthusiasm.
“What have you noticed about the lands here in Celtiberia?”
“Control of the central plains is dependent upon cavalry and control of the central plains gives all of Hispania to us eventually because without land trade they are dependent upon sea trade which our ships are in the process of gaining.”
“Very astute, we shall build a dynasty here that will last longer then the anything the Romans did for with this quality of land and the strong blood of the North combined with mastery of the horse and the sea we are invincible!”
“But, father the Romans believed the same thing,” said my son fiercely.
Laughing I turned to him and tousled his hair and rode down the plateau to my future.